Yup, it’s been a week since my last post.

Freshly made cotton candy at the White House. They had one of their cooking staff constantly making it. I stood in line with all the other 5 year olds for mine. Best part of being grown up? I don’t have to ask my mom if I can have some.

So let me fill you in on what’s been happing and a little as to why it’s been a week:

1. More responsibility at work. Since I’ve gotten back from my military training, I’ve been handed more responsibility at work. I’ve been busy working with clients and customers, quoting products and services, and putting out small fires. Which leaves me a lot less time to surf the internet.

2. More hours at my part-time job. It may or may not be true, but I feel as though I’ve been scheduled for more hours than normal lately, which takes a toll on my sleep schedule (have I mentioned how much I love sleep and getting my 8 hours?). And it takes a toll on my blog posts, because I normally head straight over from my full time job. Let me be a warning to you: don’t go out of state for college!

3. I’m on the computer ALL day. So the last thing I want to do when I get home is open up my own computer. Sure, I’ll check Twitter and Instagram on my cell phone (and maybe an email or two), but otherwise I just enjoy the lack of technology for a while.

4.  I go to bed at a rediculously early time. Like, 9:30pm. I’m sure everyone under the age of 25 thinks I’m crazy, but I’m so worn out from work, driving in traffic, working out, and my part time crazy hours, that I crash as soon as it gets semi-dark out (I’ve even gone to bed before it’s been fully dark – sad).

5. I’ve started looking for apartments. And it’s been a little depressing mentally calculating how much I’ll have left for the basics, like, you know, food. Ramen here I come.

BUT! There have been some good things happening.

1. I’ve started working out again. My mom and I have teamed up to work out in the mornings. At like, 5am (also contributing to me passing out at 9pm). Surprisingly, the gym is rather full at that time of the day. There are a lot of crazy people out here.

2. I went to my first trade show/conference. AND I drove INTO DC to do it. For those of you who know me, that is a major accomplishment. I have only driven through DC one other time, on accident in the early hours of the morning (with no traffic). This time, it was noonish and full of people. The show was a great learning experiance and I made it out of DC without killing anyone. But it is surreal to be driving with the Washington Monument off to your left, driving past the Kennedy Center and by the backside of the Lincoln Memorial. Growing up, I read and learned all about them in school, and now I’m randomly driving past them. It’s odd.

3. I was house sitting! Friends of ours out in Fairfax went away for a little vacation, and I hung out at their place for a week, watching too much Futurama, walking their dog and snuggling their cats. Rough life.

In conclusion, I’d like to apologize for acting like an 80 year old and will try to be better about posting.

Also, I had to post yet another photo of Brad Paisley. Because I still can’t get over it.


I hope everyone had a great Independent Day.

Mine was amazing.

It was my first full day off in almost two months. I slept in, which felt awesome. I meanered my way down to our pool and relaxed there for about 2 hours (with sunscreen and in the shade!).

My mom and I were invited to spend the 4th of July at the White House (along with about 350 other military members and their families). They let us in around 4. It was basically a big BBQ and cookout to show appreciation to our military and their families.

There were hot dogs, burgers, chicken, potato salad, cotton candy and ice cream. And it was all delicious. And on the South Lawn. It was kind of surreal.

The Marine Corp Band played most of the afternoon and night. And they are incredible. Not only do they play the normal “band” songs, but they had a jazz band and they played cover songs to country albums to boot. They were amazing.

We got to see the President and First Lady. He gave a quick 10 minutes speech honoring the different branches and our vets. Then he and the first lady met with those there for the next half hour. I missed it by about 5 minutes.

But what was the best news of the night and made it an amazing day? The musical performance for the night was BRAD PAISLEY!!!!

If you didn’t know this about me: I’m a HUGE country fan. And Brad Paisley is one of the top singers around. When I showed up for the day, I was just excited to be at the White House. But I got a free Brad Paisley concert too?!?! I almost had a stroke.

My mom and I staked out a place by the stage, about 5 feet from the mic. I was less than 5 feet from Brad Paisley. Not even kidding. When he started, I thought I’d have a heart attack. I had to stop myself from reaching out to touch him. It was one of the best experiances ever. And the fact it was free on the White House lawn just made it unbelievable.

He played all his good songs. Everyone sang along and he even gave away a guitar to a military member and his kids! He put on an awesome show and I’m pretty sure I took close to 100 pictures (I was a little excited).

Seeing him that close for free was well worth the 105+ heat index all day (I had salt stains on my shirt from sweating so much – the only other place I’ve seen that is marathon runners). It was so hot all day, even in the shade. I drank at least 3 bottles of water and had 2 popsicles. Nothing helped. But by the end of the night, I didn’t care (it was still 100+ heat index by 9pm).

It was one of the best Independence Days I’ve ever had. And the DC fireworks weren’t too shabby either. My mom and I already have a plan for watching them next year on the Mall.

How was your 4th?

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July! This is the first time since I started my new job that I’ve had a day off! (No full or part time job today!!) I hope everyone has a great Independence Day!

And remember to thank a veteran today!


So it’s Tuesday.

My last post was Thursday. My bad.

I’ve had a busy weekend. I worked all day Saturday and early morning Sunday at my part-time job for our “official” grand reopening.

Sherbet smoothie. Did I mention it was 100 degrees when we had no power?

And Friday night/Saturday morning, a huge storm blew into town (if you’ve been a hermit and haven’t already heard). Oddly enough,  I slept through the entire thing. Me, who normally is up all night when a storm rolls through, slept through a storm that took out power to million and killed 22. Yup.

Luckily, my apartment didn’t lose power. Our area seemed mostly unaffected, except for a few fallen branches. Other areas were definitely not as lucky. My uncle’s house had the power lines ripped from the wall. Power was out everywhere.

Saturday I started house sitting for some friends out in Fairfax (who also lost power). The drive out there, which takes about a half hour normally, took an hour and a half. All the stop lights were out and too many people had no idea what to do (hint: it’s a 4 way stop). I saw many accidents from people plowing through the lights without stopping.

On top of that, the cell phone networks were overloaded. It took me 20 minutes to call my mom before the call even went through. And even then it kept dropping. There was a run on gas stations that had power. Banks couldn’t give out money and ATMs didn’t work. It was seriously like an apocolypse out here. I told my mom and dad that, if the power grid gets hacked or some other apocolyptic event happens, I’m packing up and moving back to Illinois. The crazy you know is far better than the crazy you don’t, and people are far too crazy out here for me.

I even got put on alert by my National Guard unit. Apparently ALL of Fredericksburg was without power and there was a possibility that I would need to go help clean up (I never got the call).

Because of all the power outages, the mall was packed. So I was super busy. Sunday I managed to make it back to Fairfax in a decent amount of time and took a nap. I closed my store and got home around 12:45 am and had to be back at work at 8:30 am…I was a little tired.

Yesterday, after work, I just relaxed and did nothing. I walked the dog (the main reason I’m house sitting) and watched some Futurama.

My dinner last night. Leftover pizza and wine. No judging.

The best part about this week? I have off tomorrow for the 4th of July. I can’t wait to sleep in…

How was your weekend?

I only kinda believe in making excuses for why I haven’t blogged more. But I’m going to make one anyways: I’m exhausted.

I’ve been going non-stop since I started my new full-time job. I’ve been busy learning my new job and trying to meet those requirements. I’ve also been working my part-time job. And then I took 2 weeks to go to my AT (which was by no means a vacation). And then hopped right back into it.

I live with my mom and haven’t even seen her in 3 days. I went to bed at 9pm last night (mainly because I was working part time until 2am the night before and needed to). I constantly feel exhausted, even with 3 cups of coffee. Not just tired, but that exhausted feeling you get that feels like your insides are heavy.

Am I whining? Maybe a little.

I know that I’ve done this to myself. And that something has to give at some point. Right now it’s been sleep and relaxation.

But that’s why I’ve been slacking on the blog posts. Last night, after work (and no part time work!), I changed, ate dinner, watched an episode of Restaurant: Impossible, and got ready for bed. I was in bed by 9, read a little, and turned off the lights at 9:15. I feel like I’ve either gained 60 years or lost 20 with that bedtime. You’ll see that there was no computer time in there. Which is why I’m slacking.

But I’ll try to knock out some more posts. Promise.

Today I went back to the real world.

When I talk about the Army or my National Guard weekends, I usually talk about it like it’s another world or that I’m “playing Army.”

I’m sure that offends some people. Some people love the military and give all they have to it. And I tip my hat to those people. After almost 7 years of it, I can’t do it anymore. Don’t get me wrong: I have nothing but respect for the military and those in it (I’ve been there).

But at this point, I’m just burnt out. When you have a countdown to the minute of when your contract ends, you know it’s time to be done. I would much rather get out and let someone with enthusiasm and drive take my place. Why just be a place-holder?

I do my job (and I do it well) every drill and AT. All good things must come to an end. So here’s to my last annual training EVER!

In my un-air conditioned barracks

One of my trucks I drove during the two weeks

And tomorrow, we will be back to the normal posts!

I’m back!

But right now I’m exhausted from two weeks of crazy heat and dealing with the military.

Until Monday, here’s some photos to tide you over:

We went to the lake for lunch every once in a while. It was far nicer than the area we worked in.

AKA Chocolate Chip Cookie. From an MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) that I ate for lunch every day.

Best sign I saw at AT. The dirt roads caused dirty vans, which no one wanted to clean. Loved this sign.

It was 104 outside, and we were out in the sun moving trucks around. And went back to un-air conditioned barracks.

Timmy was happy to see me. And didn’t want me to leave again. So glad to be home.