From IU to…?


I know that my last post was kind of depressing (I know it was on my end). But I’m decided to make a change:

I’m moving back to the Midwest.

That’s right. I’m From IU to DC and back again.


I’m not happy out here. I miss open spaces and open roads. I miss greenery everywhere. I miss the smells of Fall, Spring and Summer.

I miss NOT having traffic, or at least having a good reason for it. I miss polite people (it’s a Midwest thing).

I miss being able to afford gas, rent, groceries and a dinner out. I miss having a cushion when I pay my bills (for those who live in other super-expensive cities – L.A., NYC, DC – you know what I mean).

I miss the Midwest.

I was also unhappy with my job. It takes a special, amazing person to be a salesman, and I do not fall in that category (or anywhere near the outter ring of that category). Cold calling made me nauseous. I stressed every single day about my job. I’d cry in my car on the 45 minute drive home at least twice a week. I was not happy.

I finally realized, after a particularly hard day, that I HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THIS.

I’m not tied down here. I don’t have a lease. I’m not dating anyone. And while I have friends in the area, they understand completely. So I made the hard decision to move back home to the Midwest. Without a job waiting for me – which is totally terrifying.

I am waiting to hear back on a job interview I did have for a writing position out in the Midwest. I’d LOVE to get that job, but it not, I have no job set up. As scary as that is, I’m ok with that. I’m a hard worker and will find something. And knowing that I’m back in the Midwest (with family), I know that I’ll be ok.

I don’t think my time out here was wasted. I see it as a great time of learning. Everything happens for a reason.

And I leave you with my favorite quote right now 🙂

  1. Jenny said:

    Fingers crossed for you! Wherever you end up, I’ll be there to visit!
    Chin up buttercup.

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