One week ago

Yup, it’s been a week since my last post.

Freshly made cotton candy at the White House. They had one of their cooking staff constantly making it. I stood in line with all the other 5 year olds for mine. Best part of being grown up? I don’t have to ask my mom if I can have some.

So let me fill you in on what’s been happing and a little as to why it’s been a week:

1. More responsibility at work. Since I’ve gotten back from my military training, I’ve been handed more responsibility at work. I’ve been busy working with clients and customers, quoting products and services, and putting out small fires. Which leaves me a lot less time to surf the internet.

2. More hours at my part-time job. It may or may not be true, but I feel as though I’ve been scheduled for more hours than normal lately, which takes a toll on my sleep schedule (have I mentioned how much I love sleep and getting my 8 hours?). And it takes a toll on my blog posts, because I normally head straight over from my full time job. Let me be a warning to you: don’t go out of state for college!

3. I’m on the computer ALL day. So the last thing I want to do when I get home is open up my own computer. Sure, I’ll check Twitter and Instagram on my cell phone (and maybe an email or two), but otherwise I just enjoy the lack of technology for a while.

4.  I go to bed at a rediculously early time. Like, 9:30pm. I’m sure everyone under the age of 25 thinks I’m crazy, but I’m so worn out from work, driving in traffic, working out, and my part time crazy hours, that I crash as soon as it gets semi-dark out (I’ve even gone to bed before it’s been fully dark – sad).

5. I’ve started looking for apartments. And it’s been a little depressing mentally calculating how much I’ll have left for the basics, like, you know, food. Ramen here I come.

BUT! There have been some good things happening.

1. I’ve started working out again. My mom and I have teamed up to work out in the mornings. At like, 5am (also contributing to me passing out at 9pm). Surprisingly, the gym is rather full at that time of the day. There are a lot of crazy people out here.

2. I went to my first trade show/conference. AND I drove INTO DC to do it. For those of you who know me, that is a major accomplishment. I have only driven through DC one other time, on accident in the early hours of the morning (with no traffic). This time, it was noonish and full of people. The show was a great learning experiance and I made it out of DC without killing anyone. But it is surreal to be driving with the Washington Monument off to your left, driving past the Kennedy Center and by the backside of the Lincoln Memorial. Growing up, I read and learned all about them in school, and now I’m randomly driving past them. It’s odd.

3. I was house sitting! Friends of ours out in Fairfax went away for a little vacation, and I hung out at their place for a week, watching too much Futurama, walking their dog and snuggling their cats. Rough life.

In conclusion, I’d like to apologize for acting like an 80 year old and will try to be better about posting.

Also, I had to post yet another photo of Brad Paisley. Because I still can’t get over it.


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