Catching up

So it’s Tuesday.

My last post was Thursday. My bad.

I’ve had a busy weekend. I worked all day Saturday and early morning Sunday at my part-time job for our “official” grand reopening.

Sherbet smoothie. Did I mention it was 100 degrees when we had no power?

And Friday night/Saturday morning, a huge storm blew into town (if you’ve been a hermit and haven’t already heard). Oddly enough,  I slept through the entire thing. Me, who normally is up all night when a storm rolls through, slept through a storm that took out power to million and killed 22. Yup.

Luckily, my apartment didn’t lose power. Our area seemed mostly unaffected, except for a few fallen branches. Other areas were definitely not as lucky. My uncle’s house had the power lines ripped from the wall. Power was out everywhere.

Saturday I started house sitting for some friends out in Fairfax (who also lost power). The drive out there, which takes about a half hour normally, took an hour and a half. All the stop lights were out and too many people had no idea what to do (hint: it’s a 4 way stop). I saw many accidents from people plowing through the lights without stopping.

On top of that, the cell phone networks were overloaded. It took me 20 minutes to call my mom before the call even went through. And even then it kept dropping. There was a run on gas stations that had power. Banks couldn’t give out money and ATMs didn’t work. It was seriously like an apocolypse out here. I told my mom and dad that, if the power grid gets hacked or some other apocolyptic event happens, I’m packing up and moving back to Illinois. The crazy you know is far better than the crazy you don’t, and people are far too crazy out here for me.

I even got put on alert by my National Guard unit. Apparently ALL of Fredericksburg was without power and there was a possibility that I would need to go help clean up (I never got the call).

Because of all the power outages, the mall was packed. So I was super busy. Sunday I managed to make it back to Fairfax in a decent amount of time and took a nap. I closed my store and got home around 12:45 am and had to be back at work at 8:30 am…I was a little tired.

Yesterday, after work, I just relaxed and did nothing. I walked the dog (the main reason I’m house sitting) and watched some Futurama.

My dinner last night. Leftover pizza and wine. No judging.

The best part about this week? I have off tomorrow for the 4th of July. I can’t wait to sleep in…

How was your weekend?


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