Random Cat Wednesday

You know what the internet was made for?

Cats. Obviously.

In honor of that fact, once a month (or possibly more), I’ll be posting cat photos, videos, comics, etc. So, if you’re a dog-lover or hate cats, you can skip that day (but I’m not sure we could be friends if you don’t at least tolerate cats…I can’t be friends with cat haters).

As I’ve mentioned multiple times, I have two cats. And they are spoiled beyond belief.

And for anyone who thinks that this post has too many pictures of my cats, I’d like to point out that MANY blogs have tons of pictures of babies. I like cats more than babies, but  I still scroll through those blogs anyways.

My cats’ names are Timmy and Tommy. They were already named when I adopted them, because I sure as hell would never have named them only one letter apart. It gets horribly confusing when I have to yell at them. But I have to say, they are the loves of my life. It’s always nice to have someone excited that I’m home from work and to cuddle with on the couch (yes, I’m single, but that’s besides the point – my cats have far outlasted my relationships).

Welcome to Random Cat Wednesday!


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