Weeked wrap up

My weekend was a mix of fun and work.

Friday night, I got out of work early to celebrate the start of our new fiscal year. And we had mimosas for our morning sales meeting. I’m starting to like where I work.

So what did I do with my early day off? Went home and napped. I had to work at my part-time job that night and took advantage of some down time.

Saturday I also worked (this is starting to look like a fun post, I know). I was planning on heading into the city for dinner with a friend, but my shoe broke at work. Seriously, my sandals just fell apart. We changed plans and my friend met me in Old Town after work.


The little park I waited in

I took her to my favorite restaurant, La Tasca. We had some good sangria, delicious tapas and great conversation.

Sunday, I worked. But in the morning, I volunteered at my local no-kill cat shelter, King Street Cats. I don’t get to volunteer there as much as I’d like, but I try to feed the cats and clean at least once a month. It’s a free-roaming shelter, so as I clean and feed, I have lots of little kitties all around me.

This is what I walked into Sunday morning. Apparently someone had found a way to unroll the paper towel, and they all had fun playing with it and tearing it up. 

Because I haven’t been there in a while, there were some new arrivals who were absolutely adorable. Two of my favorites had mustaches.

Mojito had a half-stache going on.

And Gaia had a little one right on his nose. Adorable.

I fed, cleaned and played with them for a little while. I always feel bad leaving and wish I could take at least three or four home with me, but I feel better knowing that they are in a good place, run by good people, who only want what’s best for the cats. And knowing I helped make their lives a little better with some love and attention helps me walk out (without taking any home!).

If you’re in the NOVA area and are thinking about getting a cat, I would urge you to adopt from KSC. All their cats are well taken care of, have all their shots, are spayed or nuetered, and socialized. They have all ages, from kittens to older cats, and it’s hard to not fall in love with at least one of them!

Did you do anything fun this weekend?


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