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I only kinda believe in making excuses for why I haven’t blogged more. But I’m going to make one anyways: I’m exhausted.

I’ve been going non-stop since I started my new full-time job. I’ve been busy learning my new job and trying to meet those requirements. I’ve also been working my part-time job. And then I took 2 weeks to go to my AT (which was by no means a vacation). And then hopped right back into it.

I live with my mom and haven’t even seen her in 3 days. I went to bed at 9pm last night (mainly because I was working part time until 2am the night before and needed to). I constantly feel exhausted, even with 3 cups of coffee. Not just tired, but that exhausted feeling you get that feels like your insides are heavy.

Am I whining? Maybe a little.

I know that I’ve done this to myself. And that something has to give at some point. Right now it’s been sleep and relaxation.

But that’s why I’ve been slacking on the blog posts. Last night, after work (and no part time work!), I changed, ate dinner, watched an episode of Restaurant: Impossible, and got ready for bed. I was in bed by 9, read a little, and turned off the lights at 9:15. I feel like I’ve either gained 60 years or lost 20 with that bedtime. You’ll see that there was no computer time in there. Which is why I’m slacking.

But I’ll try to knock out some more posts. Promise.


Today I went back to the real world.

When I talk about the Army or my National Guard weekends, I usually talk about it like it’s another world or that I’m “playing Army.”

I’m sure that offends some people. Some people love the military and give all they have to it. And I tip my hat to those people. After almost 7 years of it, I can’t do it anymore. Don’t get me wrong: I have nothing but respect for the military and those in it (I’ve been there).

But at this point, I’m just burnt out. When you have a countdown to the minute of when your contract ends, you know it’s time to be done. I would much rather get out and let someone with enthusiasm and drive take my place. Why just be a place-holder?

I do my job (and I do it well) every drill and AT. All good things must come to an end. So here’s to my last annual training EVER!

In my un-air conditioned barracks

One of my trucks I drove during the two weeks

And tomorrow, we will be back to the normal posts!

I’m back!

But right now I’m exhausted from two weeks of crazy heat and dealing with the military.

Until Monday, here’s some photos to tide you over:

We went to the lake for lunch every once in a while. It was far nicer than the area we worked in.

AKA Chocolate Chip Cookie. From an MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) that I ate for lunch every day.

Best sign I saw at AT. The dirt roads caused dirty vans, which no one wanted to clean. Loved this sign.

It was 104 outside, and we were out in the sun moving trucks around. And went back to un-air conditioned barracks.

Timmy was happy to see me. And didn’t want me to leave again. So glad to be home.

I’m halfway through my two week AT, so I thought I’d provide some quick highlights so far:

– No AC since leaving my apartment last Saturday morning
– A semi truck hit my truck while driving through Richmond and bent my mudflap support bar (thankfully that was the only damage)
– Stopping on I95 three times to re-secure loads and/or to fix my truck and trailer
– Finding one tick attached to me and having to fill out a medical report on in (Lyme Disease is really bad this year)
– Having a 12 hour guard shift from 8pm to 8am, and it ended up being 50 degrees last night

(PS – if you haven’t guessed already, I’m a truck driver in the military)

It’s be loads of fun so far staying in the field (sarcasm intended). Only one more week and I’m back in my own bed with my own shower.



Yes, today is Thursday. No, this is not a Thursday Things post. Sadly.

Why not? Well, I’ve been super swamped this week. Bright and early Saturday morning, I leave for my 2 week Annual Training with the National Guard. Which means that I’ve been trying to plan, pack, work at my part-time job, and finish up projects at my regular job before I shove off for two weeks.

There may be a random post or two while I’m away, but it’ll be from my phone and relatively short.

But bare with me. I’ll be back in roughly two weeks, with some (probably boring) things to share about AT this year – my last one EVER!

Until then, I hope everyone has a great two weeks and enjoys their free time 🙂

You know what the internet was made for?

Cats. Obviously.

In honor of that fact, once a month (or possibly more), I’ll be posting cat photos, videos, comics, etc. So, if you’re a dog-lover or hate cats, you can skip that day (but I’m not sure we could be friends if you don’t at least tolerate cats…I can’t be friends with cat haters).

As I’ve mentioned multiple times, I have two cats. And they are spoiled beyond belief.

And for anyone who thinks that this post has too many pictures of my cats, I’d like to point out that MANY blogs have tons of pictures of babies. I like cats more than babies, but  I still scroll through those blogs anyways.

My cats’ names are Timmy and Tommy. They were already named when I adopted them, because I sure as hell would never have named them only one letter apart. It gets horribly confusing when I have to yell at them. But I have to say, they are the loves of my life. It’s always nice to have someone excited that I’m home from work and to cuddle with on the couch (yes, I’m single, but that’s besides the point – my cats have far outlasted my relationships).

Welcome to Random Cat Wednesday!

I have some great news: I got into the online masters program I applied to.

This fall, I will officially be a student again. This time, for my MPS (Masters of Professional Studies) in Homeland Security.

Why would I subject myself to even MORE school after just finishing up at IU?

For one, I’m still in that college mode. I still know how to study, how to take notes, and how to knock out papers. I’m still ready and willing to learn and spend the time needed. And I’d rather do it now, instead of 5 or 10 years from now, when I have much more responsibility in life (like kids, work, etc.)

Secondly, while I do like my job, it’s not my lifelong career goal. Because of my military background, I really want to help out the government and military, ideally in the intelligence community. Hence the degree in Homeland Security.

And lastly, I have a limited amount of time to use my GI Bill, now that I’ve already started using it.

I’m really excited to start, but it also already starting to get stressed just thinking about it. I chose an online program so that it doesn’t interfere with my day job. But I know that I’ll be stressed the first month or two, but hopefully I’ll get into a routine that allows me to work AND study well.

But for now, all the prep just to register for classes is killing me! For my military education benefits, I have to apply online for my benefits (check), and turn in that information, plus some more to my school vet office. I also have to deal with an online Army system that is not the most user friendly in order to get additional benefits. I have to work with my unit, change information, get papers signed, upload even more papers, and then hopefully get approved for benefits.

I’ve finished my FAFSA (check), tried to contact my academic advisor (no check), and have to print off and send in my registration for classes (yes, send in physical papers for an online class). The only problem is that, for my program, I have to pay the cost up front (which I can’t afford – like any normal person). So it’s a lot of work and a lot of stress before classes start. But I also tend to stress myself out, so I just need to breath and know that it WILL come together.

Here’s to 2 more years of classes!