Weekend wrap up

This weekend was also relatively busy (I see a theme starting).

Friday night was dinner out at La Tasca in Old Town Alexandria. They’re a tapas place with the most delicious tapas. And for all of June, all you can eat tapas are only $30. I’m so FREAKIN’ excited about June now. Last time my mom and I went to all you can eat tapas, we literally ate them all. I woke up at 2am STILL full. I can’t wait.

After a delicious dinner of tapas and sangria, we wandered down King Street in Old Town and ended up at the Ben and Jerry’s. Obviously, ice cream had to be had.

Mmmmmm Chunky Monkey

Saturday morning I ran errands and grabbed groceries for the week. My mom found a great website called Wag.com. They sell all sorts of things for animals, like food, litter and supplies. The best part? It’s free 2 day shipping! And the prices were comparable to brick and mortar stores and I don’t have to fight traffic after a long day of work, and then haul up 40+ pounds of cat litter and food up the stairs. The service pays for himself.

Saturday night, I worked at my part time job after picking up a shift. I spent the night at my aunt and uncle’s house for the weekend, so I headed over after work and had some delicious left over BBQ. I had the guest room and shared it with two others in the house.

Angel and her counterpart, Snowball, hung out with me

Sunday was basically a repeat of Saturday: working at my part time job and then heading home to my aunt and uncles for dinner.

We’re a wild and crazy family…the three of us watched Beauty and the Beast. I haven’t seen it in forever and forgot how much I liked it.

Monday, my mom and I spent the day at Arlington National Cemetery for Memorial Day.

It was a very hot day. As soon as we got home and ate, I crashed and took a nap. Not by myself of course.

The rest of the night was spent cleaning, folding laundry, and trying to not melt (our AC in the living and dining room doesn’t work).

How was your long weekend?


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