Thursday things

This edition of Thursday things is all over the place. I keep seeing things on other blogs that I really want.

Like these bento boxes by Laptop Lunches. I saw it on one of the healthier blogs I follow, and I know this would be PERFECT for bringing my lunch to work. And it’s super cute!

From College Prep I found this adorable necklace:

I love the fact that the Good Fortune necklace is a pig. It’s small, but it will remind me to work for my good fortune as well.

I’m a huge Instagram user. I love the ability to change the filter. The only downside is that all my photos are stuck on my phone. That’s why I love this idea. Instagram with the ability to print!

Right now it’s only a concept, but I miss Polaroids and would love this!

And last, but certainly not least. this awesome vacuum. Lame for a Thursday things post? Maybe. But when you have a crappy vacuum that refuses to pick up the cat litter, and instead throws it and spread it around, a good vacuum is amazing.

All I want is a vacuum that does it’s job. Hence my “New Vacuum” fund in my savings account.

I know that these were really random, but they grabbed my attention this week.

What are you craving?


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