One less stress

It’s been a month since I deactivated my Facebook account, and I can honestly say that it’s been great.

Without it, I’ve texted (or called) people instead of messaging them. I’ve emailed and tweeted. And there’s only been one time that I’ve felt left out.

I’m not completely without social media. I now check Twitter all the time, but it’s far easier to digest 140 character bits than my Facebook wall.

Sadly, Facebook was starting to make me feel bad about my life. Everyone seemed to have an almost perfect life: great jobs, great trips and vacations, great photos, and EVERYONE was getting married. While I know in my head that everyone had their bad days, their bad hair days and their problems, it was hard to convince myself of that after a while. Twitter is nothing like that and I’ve been comparing myself to others a lot less because of it.

I’ve begun actually calling or texting people, instead of messaging and waiting for a reply. I realized how much I relied on Facebook to “build” my relationships. Now, I talk to someone if I haven’t seen them in a while instead of just checking out their Facebook page. Much more personal and much more effective (and less stalkerish).

I can see the upside of Facebook, but it really just keeps you in touch with aquaintances more than anything. My friends (my real, true, close friends) call, text, email or tweet me.

There has only been one instance of feeling left out, and that was when a friend of mine passed away. While I was called and contacted after it happened, no one reached back out to me to let me know when the funeral or visitation were (I couldn’t have made them, but I wanted to send flowers). That was upsetting, mainly because it was frustrated and upset at the whole situation.

Yes, there are many pictures I don’t see. But, again, those who are closer friends still send me them, either in an email or a text message. When a friend of mine got engaged, I saw her ring on Instagram and Pinterest. Another friend of mine had a maternity photo shoot and sent me some pictures. I don’t feel really left out. Just think: there was a time when NO ONE could see photos unless you physically sent them through the mail. And no one died or lost friends because they didn’t see all their photos or stalk their lives.

My mom constantly forgets I’m not on Facebook. Our usual conversation:

” Did you see the photos your brother posted?”

” No Mom, I’m not on Facebook.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot.”

A couple of my friends want me to be on Facebook so they can schedule times to hang out. But the majority of my plans aren’t on Facebook to start with. I’m not going to post my work schedule for the next week, plans with friends (most of them made offline anyhow), or stuff like that. A text or phone call realy is the easiest way to plan a dinner or a night out.

I really have no plans soon to rejoin the Facebook world. I’m actually pretty happy without it. I like not feeling the obsessive pull of Facebook and the constant need to check what’s happening or update my status.

What do you think about Facebook? Would you ever go without it?


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