Weekend wrap-up

I was rather busy this weekend.

Friday night after work, I drove up to my friend’s apartment in Maryland. Most days, I can get home on I-495S in about a half hour or so. I took I-495N to get to my friend’s and it took me an hour and a half to go the 20 miles. And that was after I got off the interstate and took smaller highways (I’ve finally seen the National Institute of Health compound). Had I stayed on, I’m sure it would have taken me 2 hours.

After finally getting there, we ran to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients for dinner. We decided to make some food instead of going out. We were making some shredded chicken tacos. the photos looked delicious, but the recipe was way more complicated than it needed to be. The beans and corn and the pineapple salsa was delicious. Overall, it turned out really well.

Saturday, I worked my part time job. We had recently changed stores in the mall and have a BRAND NEW, BEAUTIFUL store. It seriously looks like a boutique now. The dressing rooms are amazing (and they have chandeliers!). And we picked up a new line for full-figured women, which is adorable and awesome.

That night, I found probably the most amazing app ever.

You can insert cats into your pictures. It’s called Cat Effects. OMG. It’s my new way to waste time.

I now want to add cats to every picture.

Sunday, I went fly fishing with Project Healing Waters.

This was my outfit. I wore leggings because I figured I’d be wearing my waders. Instead, it was nice enough out that we all “wet waded,” or went without waders and just used boots. The water was like a pool: pretty cold when you got in, but you got used to it and it was warm.

And I caught a fish!!!!! I might have been a small chub, but it still counts. He was a fighter and kept thrashing around (I’m trying to smile and deal with a flopping fish at the same time). He finally calmed down enough for me to try to pull the hook out of his mouth (they’re not barbed like regular fishing hooks, for catch and release).

My guide, Jim, finally came over to help me with the hook. But I did catch one! I was pretty proud of myself! And today, my arm is super sore from all the casting. And I managed to NOT burn. So it was a good trip.

My weekend was pretty jam packed! How was yours?


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