I’m jumping on the bandwagon

I’m jumping on the fitness bandwagon. I mean, I’ve been working out on and off for quite a while, including running and lifting weights.

I mean the P90X wagon.

My mom bought the series a year or two ago and never really used it. Why not use it for myself then?

I won’t be following the P90X schedule exactly. I will still be running every other day, and doing the workouts the other days. Could I get faster and better results following the schedule like it says? Yeah, probably. But I love running. P90X is an intense and good workout, but I really do love going for a good run and it keeps me sane. So I’ll be alternating.

I started Tuesday and will be following their “lean” schedule. I really want to tone up more than anything (not that the more weight oriented schedule will make me bulky – cause it won’t) and I like the idea of incorporating more yoga into my workouts.

I made it all of 26 minutes before I cried uncle. I may be able to run two miles, but that’s definitely different than this workout. Thursday I’m going to try the same workout again and make it all the way through. I think I can, I think I can.

Why am I watching it on my laptop and not my tv? Because my DVD player is being stupid and claiming that it’s a “bad disc,” which is obviously a lie because it runs fine on my laptop. Maybe it will change it’s mind Thursday.

Has anyone else tried P90X? How did it work for you?


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