Thursday Things

May is another no-spend month for me. I just started my new job and missed part of the pay period. I have to wait until the end of the month for my first full paycheck. That means that my bills and savings takes priority.

So for this Thursday Things, I would love some more work clothes. My new office dress code is business professional. While I have a good start, I will eventually need more to wear.

I love this suit. It would be perfect for summer! With the thin stripes, it looks like a seersucker suit.

This dress is office appropriate and could even be paired with a more structured jacket.

I’m really digging this unfastened jacket. Leave it open for a more casual look, or use a belt to bring it together a little more.

I have been coveting this top for a while. It’s got the Peter Pan collar and the lace detail. Would be perfect under a cardigan or jacket. Want.

This color block skirt is great. It brings an interesting detail through the blocking but is still neutral enough to be added to pretty much everything.

And of course, you can always use a pair of new shoes. These great neutral shoes will go with pretty much anything I wear, skirt or pants (and any color).

While I’m still dreaming, I’d love this gorgeous handbag. Cause, you know, a girl can dream.

(Want to know more about these picks? Click on the photo for more information!)

What do you like to wear to the office?


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