Organizing my life

One of my favorite bloggers (and fellow IU grad), Cassie over at Back to Her Roots, wrote a post today about how she organizes her life.

She uses a mix of calenders through Google Calender and some pretty awesome pre-planning to schedule her day down to the free time. She also uses TeuxDeux, which is one of my favorite To-Do list sites (and I LOVE to-do lists). You can read more about her routine here.

Her post got me thinking about what I do to organize my life and I couldn’t live without a physical, written planner.

I’ve been through a lot of planners. In high school, we were given a planner each year and I used it to the fullest. In college, I went through three different kinds of planners. I can be a little OCD about them and I’m always looking for a better one.

When I say OCD, I mean that I have to have my views by the day. I usually need a large section for each day. My last two years of college, I used a planner that had one day per page, marked to the hour. I would block out my hours for classes, work, studying and other events I had.

And I needed it. I can barely remember what I had for breakfast most mornings, let alone what homework, tests or work schedules for that day or the next. My sophomore year, I managed to constantly overbook myself for work, classes and friends, mainly because I didn’t have a good planner. My junior year I picked up my day-by-the-hour planner and life ran smoothly after that. So when I tell people I have to check my schedule, I’m not saying it to sound mysterious or to pretend I can’t make an event. I literally am checking my planner.

Since I graduated, I’ve been trying to find a planner I like. Because I’ll be starting a full-time job, I don’t really need a by-the-hour look. I tried using a small moleskin and it had been working alright. But then I found and fell in love with the perfect planner.

I caved and bought an Erin Condren planner.

There are a couple reasons I love my new planner.

I’ll start with the first thing you see: the cover.

I chose the personalized “Favorite Things” option, where you can have your own favorite things on the front of your calender, plus your name. I love it. When I’m having a bad day, I can look and be reminded of some of my favorite things, like my cats, long showers, hot chocolate and Mexican food.

The inside is just as great. It’s full of things that are super handy. Like the Special Dates pages. Perfect for remembering birthdays, anniversaries and other special days.

Each month has the full month at the beginning, including a tab (which is probably one of my top reasons for getting it. Seriously).

There are note pages before the week starts, which is great for my way of keeping track of bills and my budget. And the two pages cover a week, with enough space for me to use the days the way I need to.

It comes with a double-sided folder and a small plastic bag, which is great for holding all the knick-knacks and papers I tote around (normally floating in my purse). And of course, I LOVE the stickers it comes with!

And, when I received my planner, I got a little bonus of some personalized labels.

This planner has be amazing so far. There’s enough room on each page and day to let me fill out all that I need to, including my to-do lists. It keeps me organized and is really easy to check (I love love love the tabs).

I know that I live in the age of digital everything, but I love having a paper planner (maybe because I have nightmares about my computer crashing, or the website being down and I have NO idea what I need to do that day).

I definitely plan on buying another Erin Condren planner for 2013.

How do you organize your life?

  1. That planner is beautiful, I am a list person and always have sticky notes covering my laptop.

    • I used to have sticky notes everywhere! That’s when I knew I needed a good planner.

  2. Jenny said:

    I need one of these planners!

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