My cruise: Grand Cayman and a day at sea

Our fifth day was at the capitol of Grand Cayman, George Town. There’s a great and beautiful beach called Seven Mile Beach (which happens to only be 5.5 miles long…go figure).

A taxi to the beach was only $2 each, which was even cheaper than any taxi here in the US.

We did have to pay $2 more to get to the beach, but that also gave us access to a little restaurant on the beach, where we could use their showers and bathrooms as well.

It was super warm out and really sunny.

The water was nice and warm.

It was perfect.

It was gorgeous out, but the sun was really strong, so we only stayed out for a couple hours.

And our animal towel? We’re not quite sure what it was.

Dog? Bunny? Mythical creature?

Our day at sea was much like the first. I didn’t take any pictures because our day only consisted of laying around on deck, reading and relaxing. But, again, I did get a photo of our last towel animal.

Sunday morning, we were up bright and early. We made it off the ship, through customs and to the airport with plenty of time.

After making it back home, I discovered that the beer I tried to bring back from Belize for my brother had leaked all over my bag. I smelled like an alcoholic (my bag did at least). I tried.

Overall, I had a great time. I got to relax, enjoy the sun, have some good trips and hang out with Tyler. And two days after getting off the boat, I STILL feel like the world is rocking back and forth.

And, during the trip (I think shortly after Cozumel), I got hives. And I still have those too. And they itch SO BADLY. I’m still confused as to what they were from, but I think they reacted to the lotion I bought in Cozumel to help with my sunburn. It was a name brand, but I probably wont ever buy lotion in Mexico again.

Sadly, this will be my last cruise for a while (and probably last nice, long vacation for a while too). For not, it’s back to the real world and my new job (I start in a week and I’m super excited and nervous about it).

I’m really glad I got to hang out with Tyler for a little bit and that we got to meet and hang out with some great people at dinner each night. They definitely made it a little more fun to head to dinner each night.

For now, it’s back to real life, but I’m sure I’ll be looking at my pictures for quite a while.


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