My cruise: Belize and Roatan

Our third day was at Belize at the Belize City port.

We asked the woman at the information desk at the port where the closest beach was. Guess what? There is no beach in Belize City. You have to either go out of the city or to one of the islands off the coast.

We looked at some of the tours offered (hawked, really) by the people at the port, and we decided on a tour that took us to the ancient Mayan ruins of Altun Ha. It was about an hour outside of Belize City. And I think that was the reason it rained the whole time we were there. I guess if we were going to be in the rain forest, it was going to show us what it could do. We had a good time nonetheless.

The map of the ruins

One of the pyramids

Me and the pyramid. I was planning on going to the beach, hence the outfit and swimsuit. But I love that hat. I wore it every day.

Tyler on the pyramid

The Temple of the Sun

Some of the faces on the Temple

I wasn’t kidding. It downpoured for most of the trip to the ruins. Hello rain forest.

He really only wanted to hold one. They put the others on him after he held the first one.

After heading back to the van, it stopped raining. It didn’t rain at all on the coast. Of course.

And our nightly towel animal!

Our fourth day was on Roatan, an island of Honduras. We were in an area owned by the cruise line called Mahogany Bay.

The best part? There was a FREE beach within a short walking distance from our dock (you could see it from our little patio).

It was wonderfully warm water

Who cares if it was 9am? I’m on vacation. Strawberry Daiquiri it is! (A perfect day: sand, water, a book and a drink – all in the sun).

And, of course, our towel animal of the night.

Overall, Belize and Roatan were great. I got to fulfill my love of history by visiting the ruins AND my love of the beach. All without having to pack up and move to each place.

Want to know about our last two days? Check back tomorrow!


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