My cruise: a day at sea and Cozumel

Last Sunday, I flew down to Tampa and met my friend for a Carnival cruise.

It was nice and warm when we got there.

After waking up at 4:30am to catch my flights, I needed a nap. After our ship left port, I took a quick shower and a nap, and woke up in time to get dressed and go to dinner in the main dining room.

When you go on a cruise, normally you get an assigned table in the dining room with others at one of two dining times. We chose the later dining time, at 8:15pm and (luckily) we got assigned to a table with two other great couples. (Being assigned to a table with couples a lot older than us would have been uncomfortable and we probably wouldn’t have gone to dinner every night like we did).

Our first day was all at sea as we made our way to Cozumel. I don’t have many pictures from that day, since all we did was sit on deck in the sun (and rain), ate, read and napped. It wasn’t the most photogenic of days.

It was formal night for dinner and we did get some pictures of us all dressed up (with my iPhone).

I did get a picture of the cute towel animal we found in our stateroom that night.

Our second day was at Cozumel.

Unfortunately, the closest beach was a $13 cab ride away (each way). We’re both kind of cheap. So we hung out in the port area, had a snack and a drink, before we headed back to the ship.

Our ship is the one on the right

Our “Attitubes” of drinks. I needed proof that I was finishing mine faster 😉

Big, bad Tyler

I do not look as cool

Need some Zoloft or Paxil? Why, buy it in Mexico of course!

We hung out in the “adult” section on deck (no kids, no babies – nice and quite). We grabbed a hammock, read and napped in the sun.

After dinner, we got back to our stateroom with another cute towel animal.

Our third day was in Belize, which will be continued tomorrow!


1 comment
  1. Jenny said:

    We are hat twins! Haha, only your hat does what I wish my hat would do. and wooo! Mexico and their cheap drugs. Looks like fun!

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