Foodie Pen Pals

I’m back!

It was a great, relaxing cruise with lots of sun and water.

But before I start talking about the amazing week that was my cruise (and while I go through the pictures), I wanted to talk about a pretty cool “pen pal” system, called Foodie Pen Pals. Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean puts on this awesome program.

Once a month, you send (and receive) a package from a fellow blogger or reader, full of yummy foods!

My match this month was Kristin over at HerbiFour, and you can check out what I sent her on her blog.

My Foodie Pen Pal was Kathleen from Sweetness Hunter.

And it was a perfect box!

She sent me some great stuff. I am in LOVE with anything coffee and chocolate.

The coffee  and biscuits were used right away.

For two days, I had the Texas Turtle flavored coffee, which was delicious. It was like a chocolate turtle, with the hints of caramel.

The nest  two days were Vanilla Bean, and it was really good.

I have yet to use the coca powder (I’ve been doing a lot of running around lately), but I’m excited to use it and Kathleen gave me a great cookie recipe to use it in.

I won’t be taking part in Foodie Pen Pals this coming month (I’ve got a lot going on!), but I’ll probably do it again in June. It was a great experience (with some great food!)

P.S. I thought I’d throw in this outtake. I am never by myself when I’m at home.

  1. katie said:

    I am really happy that you enjoyed your goodies.

  2. Jenny said:

    Foodie Pen Pals? I’m intrigued.

    • It’s pretty cool! You get paired with another blogger/reader and receive a package of yummy food stuffs (about $15 worth, because that’s the limit). I can’t do it in May, but I’m looking forward to June!

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