For best friends

I have many girl friends that I’m close to.  I consider them some of my best friends (and yes, I believe you can have more than one!).

But one girl rises above them all…mainly because we text, call, tweet and email (or facebook) multiple times every single day. I’m pretty sure I don’t go more than a day without talking to her somehow.

I’m super lucky to have so many different ways to talk to her. Once upon a time, she actually lived in the Midwest, where we met at IU. Sadly, she moved back to Los Angeles. And now I live in the DC area. We could literally not be any further apart and still live in the same country.

So, again, I’m thankful that I have a gazillion different ways to get a hold of her.

Why do I bring all this up (besides the fact that I heart his girl?).

I just finished Dear Exile: A True Story of Two Friends Separated (For a Year) by an Ocean.

It’s a quick read of letters two friends sent each other while one of them was in Africa with the Peace Corps. The letters are funny and candid, with the girls writing about everything from apartment hunting, relationships, sickness and life in Africa. I actually found myself wanting more letters to read.

It got me thinking about my best friend. If there were no cell phones, and the internet was just starting to get big (as in the book), we would more certainly write letters. Even now I like getting actual mail from friends. It made me appreciate the fact that I can text or email her and get a response the same day, as compared to waiting a week or so for mail to arrive (like, you know, in the “olden” days haha).

I will say that this book makes me want to send a post card or even an actual letter!

How do you and your best friend(s) keep in touch?

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  1. Jenny said:

    I just cried. Love you!

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