Goodbye Facebook (for a little while at least)

I’ve had it.

Facebook, like all social media, should be fun and informative. That’s the point. But for the past couple weeks, all Facebook has been doing is stressing me out.

The first time, a so-called “friend” slammed me in a comment, causing my adrenaline to spike and uncontrolled rage to channel itself into a pissed off rant. Not one of my best moments, but it happens. After that, I weeded out my friends list to those friends I actually wanted to keep, not those hanging around because it was easy. I blocked a few people. I unfriended quite a few. And I thought I was good.

Today, I commented (jokingly to start with) on a friend’s status. Someone I had defriended over a year ago had to put her two cents in (which didn’t surprise me, because that’s the kind of person she is). Because I respect and love my friend (and I’m a grown up who is capable of intelligent conversations), I responded calmly and without accusing anyone of anything. I stated my views and where I was coming from.

The response to that, from Defriended, was basically that I was a bad friend and ignorant.

I am actually proud of myself for keeping it together and NOT flipping out. Again, I commented the evidence that supports my beliefs and did not support hers. Again, she ignorantly tried to claim otherwise. (Scientific studies and experiments are pretty easy to look up and prove or disprove. Claims by crazy celebrities are not.)

I ended up blocking her. And this is someone I wasn’t even friends with to start.

Should I have just ignored it? Probably.

But when someone is ignorantly spewing unscientifically proven facts that can actually hurt someone, I’m not going to just sit back and watch. And I am incapable of ignoring someone who is calling me a bad friend when they themselves are the Pot (calling the kettle black….get it?). Especially when I wasn’t accusatory, cursing, calling anyone names, etc. I was simply stating scientific evidence and my opinion.

I’m all for different opinions. Really. I actually like carrying on conversations with people who disagree with me (my dad and I do it all the time). But when people start personally attacking me and my character because they can’t find a good comeback or evidence (like accusing me of being a bad friend – when I pride myself on being the best friend I can be), all bets are off.

At this point, like everything else in life, the few negatives start to outweigh the positives of Facebook.

I have a busy next couple weeks. I go on vacation (where I would have no internet access anyways). I have make-up drill for a couple days. I get to see my brother come home from Afghanistan. And I start my new job. The last thing I need is for drama-filled nonsense stressing me out.

So I’m taking a Facebook break for a couple of weeks. I still have Twitter, which will probably be my new obsession. I have Pinterest, which will be a close second. And I still have my phone. My friends will just have to text or call me (*gasp*) when they want to talk. And I have this blog. My life is still full of social media.

To end on a much happier note, I’m post funny animal pictures I have of the animals in my family. That’s what the internet was made for, right?

One of my aunt’s pugs

My cat Tommy “helping” with a sewing project

Timmy sleeps in the weirdest ways

This is how he normally sleeps. Seriously.

My mom’s cat Sweetie. I used her as a guinea pig for my new iPhone app that add’s mustaches to people. Or cats. I personally think she looks dashing with a mustache.

I hope that helps end this post on a high note. Or a cute note. Whichever.


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