Weekend wrap up

This weekend, I had drill.

My cat has the uncanny ability to know when I need to leave.

I was able to pack up and head to my unit down South. Only to hit major traffic. Apparently, closer to Fredericksburg, some idiot decided to jump off a bridge on the I-95N side of the road. That was all but closed to traffic. My side had traffic almost 20 miles back because people SLOWED DOWN to see what was going on. For no reason whatsoever. I sat in stop and go traffic for 20 miles until I hit that bridge and then -BAM- no traffic and back up to 65mph. Which just goes to show that this area is surrounded by idiot drivers.

I made it to drill with only a half hour to spare. Lots of other people were stuck in the idiot-prone side of traffic heading South. I got some new gear, most of which I already have. But I did get a new helmet, which is great (and so much more comfortable than what I was wearing).

We headed down to Ft. Pickett (South of Richmond, VA) and got in pretty late. And this is what I was greeted with in my barracks: a horror movie bathroom.

This is what tax payer money goes to in the 1940s?

The next day was an uneventful day of driver’s training.

We (the other Sergeants and I) did some training on the load handling system and the flat racks that many of the trucks use. It’s how we can carry ammo, other small trucks, and other supplies. It’s pretty easy once you learn how, and that was the focus of our day.

The best part of the day? Lunch. I got Skittles in my MRE (Meals Ready to Eat – military food at it’s finest *cue sarcasm*).

I also got to rest for a bit while we ate.

After we finished our driver’s training, we took a little drive out to one of the lakes where the water people (those whose job it is to provide potable drinking water for us) were set up and filtering water. It was really nice out and the lake would have been a perfect place to be. We got a quick water course and headed back to our barracks for dinner.

After dinner and bed (where I got almost no sleep, but that’s for tomorrow’s post), we woke up and headed out on Sunday morning.

I managed to avoid any truly bad traffic on the way home. Just the normal, no-one-knows-how-to-marge-so-everyone-stops-and-causes-a-backup traffic.

I’m still counting down my days (299!) but, as far as drills go, this one wasn’t too bad.

P.S. I got this picture from a friend of mine. He didn’t stage it. He said that his cat just stepped into the dog bed as his dog was sleeping and curled up with her. Probably the most adorable picture ever.

Had to share that!

Hope everyone had a good weekend and has a great Monday!



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