My new favorite show

Since I’ve had some free time since graduation (a GROSS understatement), I’ve been able to catch up on any and all tv shows. And I have a new favorite.

I love this show. It’s like a upscale, richer version of Jersey Shore (if all of Jersey Shore was Persian instead of Italian). Love it.

Every character has something about them that I just love.

GG is the drama queen. She starts to much ish on the show. I may have some anger issues, but that woman is straight up crazy. And she’s over 30 and still lives off her parents. But she’s so crazy and confrontational, it’s great.

Mike reminds me a little of Ron from Jersey Shore. But he’s very driven and wants to settle down…eventually. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been on very much for the past couple shows. Sad.

Sammy just seems like the odd-man-out in the series. He doesn’t go out and party all the time. He doesn’t get involved in all the drama. He does “date” a lot, but the majority of his time of the show had to do with his work as a builder. Not boring, but not as entertaining to watch.

Asa is the one that’s a little more “out there.” She’s an artist and produces some more Persian targeted music. I like her because she is different from the others. She isn’t completely obsessed with money and all the designers. She goes vintage shopping (granted, it’s still on Rodeo Drive). She’s a little more out there, but she still seems more genuine – even if she does drive a Mercedes.

MJ is probably my favorite woman on the show. She bucked Persian tradition and doesn’t want to get married. She spoils her two fat dogs. She works for herself as a real estate agent.. She doesn’t apologize for anything and enjoys life. And her mom is crazy. I really do love her.

And last, but not least, is my favorite character of the show, Reza. He is basically the best part of the show. He’s a muslim, gay Persian with an amazing mustache. He works with MJ selling real estate. He is often involved in the drama, but it never seems to directly involve him. He also has family issues, but he is fiercely loyal and funny. He’s hysterical.

Watch this amazing video and you’ll see why I love him.

Unfortunately, the season finale is this Sunday at 10pm Eastern. I could watch this show every week. I hope next season they bring more episodes!


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