Just another Sunday

My immediate family isn’t religious. So this past Easter Sunday was just another Sunday to us. Luckily, in a big town like DC, there is so much more open than in my hometown (where literally everything is closed – not kidding).

Saturday I had to work, so my dad went into town and stopped at the American History Museum. He liked it, but didn’t get to check all of it out, so it’s somewhere we have to stop when he comes back out to visit.

Sunday morning, we got into town around 10:30, which was a perfect time for some brunch. We stopped at one of the few places open, Le Pain Quotidien (I was one of the few places in that area, not in general). It was quite full when we got there, but we were able to grab the end of the big communal table and had delicious omelets with coffee. We sat down just before what seemed like the end of church services, and there was a line out the door when we left.

We decided to check out the National Air and Space Museum.

It was crowded, but it could have been worse (I think). The museum has two sides, one for space and one for air, obviously. We checked out the space side first. It was full of actual space craft, artifacts and scientific information about space and the planets. All the displays and information was put out in a way you could understand and was engaging. A lot of the exhibits had hands-on displays.

This is me in the infrared cameras they had. Can you tell I have a slight sunburn?

After the space side, we wandered over to the air side, which was full of airplanes and other types of aircraft. Again, there were a lot of interactive exhibits, tons of artifacts, and a lot of interesting information.

Afterwards, we grabbed some benches along the Mall and people-watched (which is always interesting here). There were a ton of people out flying kites, which was fun to watch.

We ended the day with delicious Mexican food and just hung out.

Now that I’ve moved almost 14 hours away from my hometown, I don’t get to see my dad as often. It’s great when he can come out to visit and I can show him around my new, adopted area.


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