Wandering around DC (the weekend wrap up)

I knew I said I would post on Saturday, but instead I spent the time working and hanging out with my Dad, who was only here until this morning.

So it’s time to catch up.

Before our amazing White House tour, we wandered around the Mall. We stopped at the Washington Memorial, the World War II Memorial (my fave), the Lincoln Memorial, and a new one for me, the Korean War Memorial.

It’s a stunning memorial that I keep forgetting to go to. It’s slightly off to the side of the Lincoln Memorial and, with construction on that side recently, I just kept missing it. I’m glad we stopped.

We grabbed lunch afterwards and some delicious Crumbs cupcakes.

Then it was off to our White Hour tour. Awesomeness.

Afterwards, we went down to the Capitol building. I’ve never been up close to the front side of the Capitol. There’s a nice fountain surrounded by trees, which was a nice place to stop and relax. We also checked out the back of the Capitol before moving on to my new favorite place: the Library of Congress.

Personally, I love books and I love to read. So does my dad. It was a no-brainer to check it out (although a little girl was asking her mom “Why are we at a LIBRARY” on our way over).

It completely threw me off. Your typical library is pretty stale, monochromatic in tan or gray, and most are pretty modern. The Library of Congress was none of these things.

As soon as you walked it, the colors hit you. There wasn’t a bland part on the ceiling or walls. It was all painted in bright colors with the names of great authors and had a very Greek/Roman feel to it. The molding was elaborate, as were the railings and columns. The entire building looked big, impressive and was done in a very “ancient” kind of way.

The main reading room you get a glimpse of is also gorgeous (the same one from the second National Treasure movie). The best part? Normal people (not just professors, scholars, etc.) can get  a reading room card. And with me (hopefully) starting an online masters program this fall, I’d love to be able to study is such a gorgeous place. I’m going to try for one of those cards 🙂

We finished off the day with dinner at Busboys and Poets in the historic “U Street Corridor.” It was a delicious meal in an eclectic setting. I felt as though I was back in my college town.

It was a very successful day around town. But it wasn’t our last one!


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