A personal tour

I was really lucky today. I was able to go on a personal tour of the White House. Not the normal, East Wing tour. A personal tour of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, the press room and some of the media areas.

It was AMAZING. SO cool.

We started by getting our appointment badges at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

It’s probably the most beautiful building in DC. Honestly. The entire outside is full of columns. It’s gorgeous.

As soon as we met our guide, Mark, we headed to the Press Room. We made a quick side stop to see the entrance to the West Wing, where diplomats are welcomed to the White House. The photos in the entrance are changed weekly or bi-weekly. It’s pretty cool.

We made our way to the front side of the White House, where the media sets up for it’s live broadcasts. So when you see a reporter broadcast from the White House, there’s a whole row of cameras set up with the same backdrop for that purpose.

We made it to the press room, where you see the president and his people make announcements or press releases. It’s A LOT smaller than you’d think. It looks decently large on tv, but it is only about  the size of a bedroom. TINY.

And we were lucky enough to sneak in a picture.

And a picture on the stage!!

Mark then showed us the pool that gave the name “Press Pool” to the area. There used to be a pool in that same area, but Nixon got rid of it. Today, it’s used for all the wiring and electronics needed for the press room. But everyone who goes down there signs the wall. Including us!

After, he was nice enough to show us the rose garden and the big lawn where this Sunday’s Easter Egg Roll will take place. It’s also where the presidential helicopter lands. Really cool. I also saw the windows of the oval office. The president was there, so there was no way we were getting close, but I sneaked a peak at the windows.

He then showed us around the EEOB. The Indian Treaty room, where the first press conference happened. They don’t really use it all to often, which is a shame because it is BEAUTIFUL. The colors are gorgeous. The molding is detailed. The floor is stunning. They should be having tons of press conferences there. It’s an amazing room.

He showed us a couple other amazing and beautiful details of the building, like the gorgeous ceilings. We also got to shop at the small gift shop that’s usually for employees and their guests, where I picked up another coffee mug to add to my collection.

Overall, the tour was so amazing. It’s so cool to be on the other side of the fence, in areas that most people normally don’t see. I’m so glad I got the chance to go on a tour like this and so thankful to Mark. He was an amazing tour guide and was so nice to take time out of his super busy day to show us around.

Tomorrow, I’ll post about what else we did today, but the White House tour was the high point of the day 🙂


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