Injured and bummed

I’m bummed and wallowing in my own self-pity.

I was doing really well with my workouts and motivation. I was getting to the gym and knocking out my runs and weight lifting. I even had a great 3.5 mile run on Saturday.

And then….

I jumped on the treadmill Sunday, ready for a mile warm-up and some sprints when my leg started hurting. I figured it was just sore from Saturday and I could run it out (and that I just needed to warm up).

After less than a mile, I had to stop. The pain increased from a little, annoying tug to an all out pain in my shin. By the time I got home, it hurt to walk and I was limping.

And three days later, it still hurt, even when I walk. By the end of the day, it’s a constant dull ache with some shooting pain thrown in. And when I walk, the pain pulses through to my knee. It’s wonderful.

Thankfully, my deployment with the National Guard set me up with free VA health care. I went to the emergency room at the local base near me, Ft. Belvoir. (I went to the ER because an appointment with a physician would have taken at least a month).

They hospital is new, so everything was bright and clean. Everyone was helpful and nice. I was checked in quickly and shortly after that they had me take x-rays of my leg. And not long after that I was seen by a doctor. It was quick (only 2.5 hours – which is amazing for any ER, especially a VA hospital).

After talking to the doctor, he thinks (and I hope) that it is only a case of tendinitis. He prescribed some anti-inflammatory drugs and rest and ice. Hopefully, in a week or two it should start feeling better and I’ll be back to running. If it still hurts, or doesn’t get better, it may be something else and I’d have to go back. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s the simple problem.

I am so glad to have a good VA hospital near me. After all the horror stories I’ve heard about VA hospitals, I was somewhat worried. And granted, I haven’t had to deal a lot with them. But from what I’ve seen, it was much better than I expected (and I had pretty low expectations).

Here’s to healing.


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