Weekend wrap up

It wasn’t  too exciting a weekend.

I worked.

And wore my new teal pants with a pink top. I looked like Spring even if it was a little chilly out.

I bought new toys for the cats.

A new cat bed. They’re only a little bit spoiled.

We hung out watching Sunday Morning.

My cat is silly sometimes.

And I managed to hurt myself.

I haven’t been to the doctor (although I wish I could go), but from what I’ve read, it may be a bad shin splint, bordering on stress fracture. I’m hoping it’s not. I have a half-marathon in May and this would really suck. Plus I hate NOT being able to run.

I was a gimp and moped around most of Sunday, icing my leg on and off.

Other than that, it was a normal weekend.

This week isn’t exactly “jam packed,” but there is quite a bit that I’m doing every day and my Dad will be here to visit for Easter Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’m a little excited).

I hope everyone had a great weekend (with less pain than mine).


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