My day out II

My afternoon was spent on the Mall.

I haven’t seen the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial yet and it was a perfect day to check it out.

By late afternoon, it was actually pretty warm out, especially after walking across the Mall. I found a bench in the shade right outside the World War II Memorial, one of my favorites. The sound of the water is relaxing and it’s a beautiful memorial.

I was meeting a friend of mine near the White House after she got off work, so I made my way up to Pennsylvania Ave. I’ve only seen the back of the White House, so I walked the three extra blocks to check out the front. It’s still small, but it was a closer view. A lot of the area was blocked off for the dinner with the British Prime Minister later that night.

As I was taking the White House photos, a bunch of middle schoolers came up to check it out. The majority of them said the same thing, “This is the White House?” For those who haven’t seen it in person, it’s deceptively small. The photos used in the press have been taken from a good angle, because it’s small. I’ve been bigger houses in the Midwest (they were also mansions, but still). It isn’t that big and tends to be a disappointment. It was for me. But it’s still cool if you think about all the history and diplomatic issues discussed there.

Afterwards, I met my friend for a “Girls Night Out” event at the Daughters of the American Revolution building. It’s an event that brings together different vendors in a fun environment. There were a lot of clothing, jewelry and make-up vendors. The best part? Free drinks. But unfortunately, there was no actual food. And the lines for the more “fun” events, like manicures, massages or blowouts, had ridiculously long lines and not enough service people. It wasn’t bad overall, but after two drinks, we were starving.

We skipped out early and found a restaurant near the Farragut West Metro Stop called Le Pain Quotidien. It’s a very wholesome, natural and basic ingredients. There wasn’t anything fried or anything that seemed unhealthy. I had a delicious tartine (an open-faced sandwich) with prosciutto, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes and pesto. It was pretty darn good. And we had some mimosas as well.

To end the night, we went right next door and grabbed some cupcakes at Crumbs.

I jumped the metro home and caught up on some emails. It was an amazing day and a great night with a good friend. I would like to have another one soon!


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