My (gorgeous) day out

This past Wednesday, it was projected to be in the upper 70s. I didn’t work and I was going to meet a friend downtown after she got off work. So I decided it would be a perfect day to wander the Mall and check out a museum.

And I was right. It was amazing out. There were people out everywhere: runners on the Mall, people playing frisbee, lunch picnics, and school buses full of little kids.

It was getting warm, so I picked the first museum I saw: the giant Museum of Natural History. I love the Smithsonian Museums because they’re all free. Granted, I had to ignore the multiple school groups and Spring Breakers (with their parents – obviously Freshman). But all it took was a quarter to lock my bag up so that I could wander the museum.

And what was the first exhibit I had to go see? The Hope Diamond and other jewels. Obviously.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to capture the amazing shine and sparkle of the Hope Diamond or the other jewels in the exhibit. But I can sure try.

Overall, I checked out the whole museum. It wasn’t completely in depth and I didn’t read every sign, but it was a nice overview and was interesting to walk through. Instead of describing all the different exhibits, I’d rather just show some photos from the different exhibits.

After the museum, I walked over a couple blocks to grab some lunch (rather than get ripped off at the museum cafes). And then I wandered back to the Mall and over to the Washington Monument.

To be continued tomorrow… 🙂


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