Weekend Wrap Up

My weekend started bright and early Friday morning. I left for a day of fishing in West Virginia with Project Healing Waters. It was a three hour drive to the cabins at Harman’s. I got there around 10 and started meeting up with the other veterans and guides.

The river was really high and moving pretty fast this time around. I did wade out into the water, but only with a guide and a walking stick. The only thing worse than fishing in cold water and weather is to fall in the cold water and have it stuck in your waders.

I started fishing a little after noon, in the rain of course. The guide helping me, Jim, was bound and determined to get me a fish. And boy did we try. The stream had been stocked earlier in the week, so in theory the fish should be biting. But with the river so high and fast, WHERE they were biting was the key.

Fish are lazy. Like some people I know, they don’t want to expend a lot of energy eating. So they tend to stick to slower moving water.

We fished until we couldn’t see the line anymore (which is bright orange, so that’s saying something). And while I didn’t catch a fish, I got some nibbles and a lot of good practice in. Jim helped point out what I was doing wrong when I got frustrated and kept me from slacking on my casts. It would have been nice to get a fish, but being outdoors on the water was still alright with me.

Dinner was catered by Bigg Rigg’s Farm and it was delicious. We had turkey legs, potatoes and green beans. But these weren’t your small, puny legs. These were turkeys on steroids. They were the size of the legs you buy at amusement parks, the ones that are as big as your face. And they were smoked and then deep fried. They were amazing and I tore mine apart to finish it.

After dinner, a bunch of us sat around, BSing and tying some flies. The best part about PHW is hanging out with other veterans and the almost instant camaraderie that goes along with it.

Unfortunately, I could only stay until Saturday morning. I of course stayed for breakfast (eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy…yum). We took some group photos and I left to drive back to Northern Virginia.

Scooter (the assistance dog) was everyone’s favorite 🙂

I worked Saturday night (wee!). It was as wild and exciting as it sounds.

Sunday I caught up on chores around the house. I did my laundry, made Mango and Apple Salsa, and cleaned up around the house.

That night I took the metro to DC to a friend’s place. A bunch of us IU alums got together to watch us dominate against Purdue (and we totally killed them). It was fun to hang out and watch the Hoosiers win. It was a great way to end a good weekend.


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