Mum’s the word

It’s crazy what you can actually learn from a book.

If codes and secrets writing systems intrigue you, do I have a book for you.

Click the photo for a link to more information about the book

I picked up The Code Book at the International Spy Museum during my visit there.

It covers the beginning of ancient codes and ciphers through modern ciphers used for computers and businesses today. Each chapter contains an explanation of the code or cipher and how it works, along with a historical story about how the cipher played its role.

For instance, one of the first chapters discussed the cipher used by Mary, Queen of Scots, and how it was broken and used against her, eventually leading to her beheading.

While some of the ciphers can seem confusing, the author explains them fairly well and presents examples that visually show how the different codes work. Even the seemingly confusing Enigma machine of World War II is explained in a way that made sense.

If you like non-fiction, informative and historically interesting books, I would recommend The Code Book by Simon Singh.

I hope everyone has a great Friday!


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