Thursday Things (I Want)

Welcome to my first Thursday Things (I Want)!

After dealing with this whole car registration thing, I am putting myself on a spending freeze for the month of March (at a minimum!).

This is a good way of window shopping without physically being there to tempt myself. And this idea (for both the spending freeze and post what I would like to buy) from {av} over at {long distance loving} (who is also ridiculously sweet and gave me great restaurant suggestions!).

In the past, I’ve gone a while without spending without noticing it. I was too busy with work and a full load of classes to be bothered to buy groceries, let alone go to the mall. But now that I work at the mall, temptation is all around me. I will now be leaving my wallet at home when I go to work (except for my ID, metro card, an emergency $20).

All that being said, what do I want this week?

The ability, patience, time and money to do these nails! I see amazing nails on Pinterest and wonder who has the time and money to try all these different techniques. But if I had the opportunity to raid my local Ulta for nail polishes, I’d be happy.

One of these day I’ll have the energy to do these myself. Or the money to have someone do them for me. Or I’ll just keep dreaming.


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