Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day/Year!

How are you spending your extra day this year?

I am dealing with even MORE car issues. Of course.

Yesterday, I went to have my emissions test done for my car, in order to get my registration. And I passed!

Except I had to have a safety check as well…and I failed. For my windshield wipers and tires.

The news that my tires suck is not a surprise. I’ve known for the past six months that I needed new tires, but it’s been in the back of my mind and often I couldn’t (or didn’t want to) afford it.

The good news is that I can still register my car with bad tires, because the DMV only cares about the emissions check. The bad news is that I now have a sticker on my front windshield saying “REJECTION,” which apparently give cops the ability to pull me over whenever they want. Which wouldn’t bother me if my car was currently registered to a state (Don’t be bad like me and do what I’m doing. I freak out whenever I see a cop. But I’m trying to get legal as fast as I can!).


I have 14 days to fix the issue and get a free re-inspection. But in order to finish with this problem right away, I’m getting new tires. Today. Thankfully, I filed my taxes early and got my refund. Not that this is how I wanted to spend it, but it has to be done.

I then called my insurance company to switch my policy to Virginia. And thanks to living out on the East Coast, with high insurance limits, my 6-month premium almost tripled. Not even kidding. Is it too late to move back to the Midwest? (I kid…kind of). I want to cry.

Ironically (and sadly), when I came out of my apartment to take my car to get new tires, it wasn’t there. I may be forgetful, but I park in roughly the same place every day. My car was towed, because of the expired tags. Except that I park in the lot for my building, which is fenced in. Which means that someone had to call about my car in order to get it towed. Someone who has no life.

After freaking out, talking to the building manager (a sweet little old Jewish lady) and crying, I got my car back without a fee.

So I got new tires, new windshield wipers and an alignment. Amy is set for a while. And I passed the safety inspection! Woo!

And then I hit the DMV, with my new state title and emissions test. My mechanic told me to check out a different DMV and I’m glad I listened. There was literally NO line, which is amazing for any DMV anywhere. And it took me less than 5 minutes to get my car registered and the basic Virginia plate (I’m getting more personalized one later. Which is how you do it here. Odd).

So now, I’m completely legal. In every way. No more watching for cops. And no more being towed from my own parking lot (I hope that person who called the tow company on me gets towed himself. Jerk).



And if you live in the NOVA area, I would HIGHLY recommend Wiygul Automotive Repair for any car issues. They were super helpful, kept me informed and worked with me to get my car legal, without busting my budget. Their customer service was great and I’m glad that they’re right down the road from me (along with lots of other locations).

I hope everyone else had a better leap day!

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  1. jenny said:

    My mom says your car was a 4F. And I like that you call it an emissons test, out here its called a smog check and just about everyone does a smog check! Oh yay, pollution!
    But at least your car is legal now!!

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