My weekend according to Instagram

This past weekend was full of working with a little fun thrown in (And when I say weekend, I’m including Monday since I worked three days in a row. It felt like a continuation of the others).

I, too, am in love with Instagram. So I present you with a view of my weekend via my phone and Instagram.

I did a little window shopping at the mall I work out. Who doesn’t love a good Michael Kors purse or Bebe shoes?

My fabulous dinner Sunday night. I volunteered to stay late at work and had to grab some mall food before everything closed. And look at all that Mediterranean food! There is a great Mediterranean market down the road from me, and after falling in love with some things in Greece, I love being able to pick up some Greek foods there.

Every Monday morning, there is a meeting at Ft. Belvoir for Project Healing Waters. I go with my uncle and we always pick up some Starbucks before the meeting. This meeting I brought my fly tying kit (the giant black box) and tied some flies – one of which you can see with the pink tail. They may not be perfect looking flies, but they will catch fish!

I did some girly stuff, like shoe shopping at DSW. I desperately needed a pair of black flats that wouldn’t kill my feet at work. Dr. Scholls to save the day! (They’re not the ones pictured. I’m looking for a pair of summer sandals for my cruise and I thought these were adorable). I also gave myself a manicure – or more like my mom did. Just because I can manage to paint my nails on both hands doesn’t mean I will if there is someone who will help me. Thank you mom!

I also hung out with my boys during my down time. They’re ridiculously spoiled. And: it’s official. I did graduate college. And I have proof!

That was my weekend. How was yours?


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