Starting to be official

It’s almost official: I’m a Virginian.

Today I went to the DMV to get a Virginia drivers license and start the extensive process of getting my car registered.

It’s not as simple as transferring my registration to Virginia. Oh no, that would be easy.

First, you have to have your title transferred to Virginia, regardless of where you bought it or that it has a valid title from another state. That was $10.

Then you have to get an emission test for the car. Luckily, I found a Groupon that cut that cost down to $20 from $45+.

Then you can go and have the car registered in Virginia, which is another roughly $45.

And finally, you can get a plate for it. And Virginia has a lot of plates to choose from, ranging from the basic at around $40 to a special plate around $50, with $10 extra for personalized plates.

I’ve only started the first step.

Somewhat related to this story is the inability of my TomTom to find the easiest route. I put in the address for the DMV and it took me through a confusing construction zone and back. When I left the DMV, I found out that it was literally right off a main road that I know and have taken before. Now I’ll have to double check on a map of the area instead of relying solely on my TomTom.

And, while I may be more official now, I still got lost twice in a row while trying to drive to my local Target. So I finally gave up. I can deal with being lost once. But to then be lost again, in an area of one-ways and end up in another county: I gave up. I set my GPS for home and will try again another day. With gas up to $3.80 out here, I can’t just cruise around for fun, being lost.

Eventually, I’ll be more “official” and actually know where I’m going out here.


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