The best travel agency ever

I booked my cruise Wednesday night through probably the best travel agency ever. My family is a member of Government Vacation Rewards, a travel agency available to those in the military or government.

For a upfront fee, you can use the service for 5 years. And it covers everything you’d want in a travel agency, plus more.

You can book vacation packages, resorts, hotels, cruises, flights, and golf trips. You can book online or on the phone – and they have the MOST helpful agents I’ve ever worked with.

The best part are the perks. Every time you use the agency, you gain points that can be used for future bookings for discounts and free trips. They often have military¬†exclusives. There are no booking fees. And the best part, for those in the military at least, is that you can use your Military Star card to book the trips. (For those who don’t know, the Military Star card is for military members only, and have a wonderfully low APR and beats every other credit card hands down).

How are they better than any other agency?

I am the perfect example.

I booked the cruise Wednesday for April 15th to the 22nd. I was excited and it fit perfectly with my schedule.

Until I looked later that night, and saw that the 15th was actually a day of drill for me. I claim complete memory loss. Because sometimes it takes an act of god to get out of drill, I needed to change the dates of my cruise.

I called Thursday morning, first thing and left a message for the agent I worked with the day before. She called me back and had already begun working on changing the dates to the 22nd through the 29th. She let me know what was happening and that she would call back when she had finished, so that I didn’t have to sit on hold. And hour later, she called back saying the dates were now changed, and at only a $50 difference. Luckily, I saw the problem before 24 hours had gone by. But to have a travel agent deal with the issue instead of me having to sit on the phone for hours was a life saver.

If you’re in the military and like to travel, I would highly HIGHLY suggest that you enroll in this program.

*Government Vacation Rewards did not ask me to write this review. I just like them a lot!!


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