In the works

I wish I had more to post.

There are some plans currently in the works for getting a full-time job. Right now it just consists of a lot of waiting, followed by some paper work, and then more waiting. So I don’t have much going on.

My typical day is waking up naturally around 9am (I do not miss that alarm clock). I drink some coffee, possibly eat breakfast and catch up on all my blogs on Google Reader (I follow 200+, so there’s always something to read).

Eventually, I’ll surf enough Pinterest fitness inspirations to get to the gym and get a good workout in. After coming home and eating lunch, I shower and hang out until my mom gets home from work.

I catch up with her a little bit and, a lot of the times, I’ll make dinner for us. We hang out and watch some tv for the night, and head to bed.

Repeat. Unless I work at my part-time job, usually on the weekends.

I can’t WAIT to have a full-time job. Everyone tells me to enjoy the time, but with the student loans and other debt I have hanging above my head, I need to have a job to relax. Soon, hopefully

But, because I can’t just post my sob story, here are some of the pictures of my life since my drill weekend. Enjoy!

My spoiled cat

Getting my workout on

One of my mom’s cats has a shoe fetish. Look Ma! I has feet!

Bird watching this morning

I hope everyone is having a more interesting week than me!


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