So full

Today seemed to rotate around food. My mom’s friend is in town and I showed her around Old Town Alexandria, mainly King Street.

We wandered around and did a little shopping (and I picked up a GREAT winter jacket that was an amazing deal – more on that tomorrow). We went to Ichiban for lunch, a little sushi spot on King Street. It looks like a little hole in the wall, but it’s delicious and has a great selection of sushi.

We started off with an order of edamame to tide us over.

I ordered two rolls: the Rock and Roll and the Yami Yami (on the left). I preferred the Yami Yami, mainly because it had cream cheese.

Dessert was only a block away, at Pops Old Fashioned Ice Cream Company. It has that nice old time feel to it.

I had a scoop of vanilla ice cream with bits of cheesecake in it. So good.

After some more wandering, we headed back home, where we waited for my mom to get off work before going out to dinner at a local Mexican place, Mango Mike’s. It was slightly too dark inside, so the food pictures came out pretty bad. I ordered a drink (since I wasn’t driving) called the Komonawanalaya. Seriously. It was banana-coconut flavored, but it was a little too strong for me.

But the hush puppies. Oh My God, the hush puppies. SO. Good. I could have eaten an entire basket of those. By the time I took a photo (a bad one at that), there was only one left.

I ordered the crabcakes and they were pretty darn good. And the garlic mashed potatoes were yummy. But after all the food today, I just couldn’t finish it all. Yay for leftovers!

While I love food, hopefully it won’t be my focus tomorrow. I have that very full feeling going on right now. No need to worry about a midnight snack 🙂

  1. Jenny said:

    you ordered crab cakes at a Mexican restaurant? please explain that to me. I didn’t even know Mexican restaurants had crab cakes on the menu!

    • It’s a seafood restaurant too, hence the yummy crab cakes! You’ll have to check them out the next time you visit!

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