My krispy dream

I’m in love.

How can you NOT love fresh Krispy Kreme donuts? I have never been in one of their stores before, only enjoyed their donuts through school fundraisers and the grocery store every once in a while. I had to stop now that there is one about 10 minutes from home. As soon as you walk in, you can watch them being made.

You see the dough proofing, and then fed into the fryer. The machine in the middle flips the donuts over to fry the other side.

Beautiful deliciousness. Those are the round ones that will be filled with yummy fruit, cream or custard (my favorite).

And, of course, I had to get a dozen. I told myself when I walked in that I would just get just one. But then I saw all the varieties and knew I had to get more. The assorted box was only a dollar more than a dozen of the regular kind, so I definitely mixed and matched (for only $8.99!)

What did I get? Two cream filled, chocolate covered. Two custard filled, chocolate covered. Two raspberry filled, powered topped (for my mom). Three original Krispy Kremes. Two chocolate cake covered in sugar. And to finish it off, one regular donut topped in chocolate. I managed to hold myself to ONLY four donuts today, and not all at once. My mom had her favorite two after dinner.

Some days, you just want a good donut. Forget the calories. I don’t even think about them 😉

1 comment
  1. Jenny said:

    4!! last I checked, it was only 3. clearly you could not stop yourself. I hate you. I want a krispy kreme close to me. I might have to retaliate with a In-n-Out picture/ blog post.

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