Pet-sitting can be fun

Last night I went to pet-sit for a friend of mine, who has a dog and two cats. As soon as I got there, his dog was glad to see me (my friend left that morning). I took her for a walk first thing before settling in for the night.

As soon as I got settled in, the dog wanted to play.

And the new kitten did what new kittens do: spazzed out.

After a while, I ordered some Chinese delivery. I have been craving Chinese ALL week. I found a great website, Eat24, that shows the places local to you that deliver. My Sweet and Sour Chicken were delicious and I was craving the Crab Rangoon I ordered. It was yummy.

The animals calmed down somewhat as the night went on. I finally saw the second cat, who’s a lot calmer than the other two animals and a little more skiddish. After a night of Chinese and Storage Wars, I went to bed (I can’t say I went to sleep – I didn’t sleep all that well with a spazzy kitten next door and a dog who kept looking to see when I was getting up).

The next morning, I took the pup for her morning walk and fed everyone.

After making sure they were alright, I headed back to my own apartment full of animals, who I think were happy I was home 🙂


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