A pretty good day

I would count today as pretty awesome.

I started off the morning with a job interview for a part-time retail position (follow closely by the offer of a job!).

Then I met up with a friend of mine for some lunch at Chop’t, a really good salad bar in the Chinatown area. I made my own version of the Kebab Cobb, but without chicken. The tzatziki yogurt dressing was light but delicious. I’ll definitely be hitting this place up again.

After lunch, my mom, my friend and I hit the International Spy Museum. We got our tickets on Groupon and have been wanting to see the museum for a couple weeks. It starts by covering everything from how people spy and what they use. Then it transitions into different eras of spying, from a brief overview of ancient spying, to the Civil War, and the beginning of Russian/Soviet spying. It moves into spying in the US during WWII and the Cold War, and one last room about current and cyber spying. Throughout all the rooms, there were interactive activities and exhibits, as well as stories of events and people. It was really interesting and you can move at your own pace. I liked the gift store as well. It had a lot of interesting books, fun “spy” gear, and¬†souvenirs. I’m glad we got there early, though. It definitely filled up by the time we left.

Unfortunately, there’s no photography allowed, so no pictures. Well, except for the one my mom managed to sneak of a poster she really liked.

After making it home, I packed and came over to house/pet sit for some friends of ours (more about it tomorrow!).

How was your day?


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