My favorite cat hangout

I volunteer for Project Healing Waters, as you can see here. But I still have a lot of time on my hands, even when I do find a job. So I started volunteering for King Street Cats.

King Street Cats is a cat only, no kill shelter here in Alexandria. They keep around 30 cats at any time for adoption. They’re a free-roam shelter, meaning the cats are out and about when you walk in (unless they have a medical issue or are behaving badly around the other cats).

They are an amazing shelter that totally preps a cat for adoption. If they need to be spayed or neutered, they have it done (no earlier than 4 months). If they have a medical condition or are sick, they will be taken to the vet and nursed back to health. If they cats are skiddish or unsocial, they will socialize the cat with people and other cats. They also require a background check before they’ll send a cat home. They want the best for the cats; they’re not just trying to get them out the door.

There are adorable and loving cats up for adoption at King Street Cats. They range from young kittens to mature cats. They have single cats and cats that need to be taken home together.

I will start helping with the mobile adoptions (when they set up in different areas to promote adoptions). I can also help with the morning cleaning and feedings until I find a job.

In the area and interested in adopting? Find out how here!

Or are you more interested in volunteering? Check here!

I look forward to helping a great organization and playing with some cats (science says it lowers blood pressure!).

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