Resolution: 1/2

I’ve done half of a resolution today. I joined a gym.

It’s the perfect time of year to sign up for the gym. There are a ton of specials because it’s the start of the year and everyone’s resolution is to lose weight.

I had a Groupon for a free month at a local gym that is literally 5 minutes away from me. I went to check it out today and really liked it. It’s clean, well planned, offers lots of classes and has good hours. They also have 16 locations within Virginia and Maryland. Convenience everywhere.

After working out there, I decided to spring for the membership. They have a military rate (I always ask – it can’t hurt). They applied the amount of my Groupon towards the sign-up fee and the monthly rate is only $30, which is incredible out here.

I plan on going back tomorrow, and every day until I start a job. After that, I’ll go a couple times a week that work with my schedule. They open at 5am and close at 11pm, so I have a wide spread of times to chose from.

I like the 5 minute drive and the layout. I’m excited to get back into shape.

Do you belong to a gym? What do you like about it?


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