My New Toy

For the New Year, I treated myself to a new toy. I bought a Black & Decker Juicer. (Fun, right?)

My gorgeous Black and Decker Juicer

I want to try to be healthier this year. I ate horribly all last semester because I was so focused on classes. One of the best ways to get a large amount of fruits or veggies in my diet (aside from turning vegetarian – which won’t happen) is to drink them. So, in addition to my meals, I’ll be having a nice glass of juice.

I went out New Year’s Eve and stocked up on fresh fruits and veggies. I picked up strawberries and blackberries, which were on sale. I also  bought apples, oranges, cucumbers, kale, carrots, celery, limes, lemons, tomatoes and ginger. Different combinations make different healthy juices.

My dinner juice of cucumber, ginger, orange, lemon, carrot and celery.

I’ve had three different juices with my three main meals today. And the juicer is pretty fun to use. There’s something satisfying in watching a whole carrot disappear and bright orange juice appear. And I can control how sweet the juice is by how much fruit I add to the mix. Overall, it hasn’t be too bad.

What do I hope to get out of the next week of juices? I want more energy. I want to be able to sleep through the night. I want to feel healthier. I’m sure my diet plays into these problems. It’s not like I’m the healthiest eater around, and these last couple weeks of take-out and heavy holiday foods have not helped at all. We’ll see how this little experiment goes.

Have you tried anything like this? How do you try to stay healthy?


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