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I’m in love.

How can you NOT love fresh Krispy Kreme donuts? I have never been in one of their stores before, only enjoyed their donuts through school fundraisers and the grocery store every once in a while. I had to stop now that there is one about 10 minutes from home. As soon as you walk in, you can watch them being made.

You see the dough proofing, and then fed into the fryer. The machine in the middle flips the donuts over to fry the other side.

Beautiful deliciousness. Those are the round ones that will be filled with yummy fruit, cream or custard (my favorite).

And, of course, I had to get a dozen. I told myself when I walked in that I would just get just one. But then I saw all the varieties and knew I had to get more. The assorted box was only a dollar more than a dozen of the regular kind, so I definitely mixed and matched (for only $8.99!)

What did I get? Two cream filled, chocolate covered. Two custard filled, chocolate covered. Two raspberry filled, powered topped (for my mom). Three original Krispy Kremes. Two chocolate cake covered in sugar. And to finish it off, one regular donut topped in chocolate. I managed to hold myself to ONLY four donuts today, and not all at once. My mom had her favorite two after dinner.

Some days, you just want a good donut. Forget the calories. I don’t even think about them ūüėČ


Last night I went to pet-sit for a friend of mine, who has a dog and two cats. As soon as I got there, his dog was glad to see me (my friend left that morning). I took her for a walk first thing before settling in for the night.

As soon as I got settled in, the dog wanted to play.

And the new kitten did what new kittens do: spazzed out.

After a while, I ordered some Chinese delivery. I have been craving Chinese ALL week. I found a great website, Eat24, that shows the places local to you that deliver. My Sweet and Sour Chicken were delicious and I was craving the Crab Rangoon I ordered. It was yummy.

The animals calmed down somewhat as the night went on. I finally saw the second cat, who’s a lot calmer than the other two animals and a little more skiddish. After a night of Chinese and Storage Wars, I went to bed (I can’t say I went to sleep – I didn’t sleep all that well with a spazzy kitten next door and a dog who kept looking to see when I was getting up).

The next morning, I took the pup for her morning walk and fed everyone.

After making sure they were alright, I headed back to my own apartment full of animals, who I think were happy I was home ūüôā

I would count today as pretty awesome.

I started off the morning with a job interview for a part-time retail position (follow closely by the offer of a job!).

Then I met up with a friend of mine for some lunch at Chop’t, a really good salad bar in the Chinatown area. I made my own version of the Kebab Cobb, but without chicken. The tzatziki yogurt dressing was light but delicious. I’ll definitely be hitting this place up again.

After lunch, my mom, my friend and I hit the International Spy Museum. We got our tickets on Groupon and have been wanting to see the museum for a couple weeks. It starts by covering everything from how people spy and what they use. Then it transitions into different eras of spying, from a brief overview of ancient spying, to the Civil War, and the beginning of Russian/Soviet spying. It moves into spying in the US during WWII and the Cold War, and one last room about current and cyber spying. Throughout all the rooms, there were interactive activities and exhibits, as well as stories of events and people. It was really interesting and you can move at your own pace. I liked the gift store as well. It had a lot of interesting books, fun “spy” gear, and¬†souvenirs. I’m glad we got there early, though. It definitely filled up by the time we left.

Unfortunately, there’s no photography allowed, so no pictures. Well, except for the one my mom managed to sneak of a poster she really liked.

After making it home, I packed and came over to house/pet sit for some friends of ours (more about it tomorrow!).

How was your day?

I hung out with a friend of mine again today and she introduced me to my new addiction: Warehouse 13.

It’s a SyFy show about two Secret Service agents who were¬†transferred¬†to a mysterious warehouse. The warehouse is¬†“a massive, top-secret storage facility in windswept South Dakota that houses every strange artifact, mysterious relic, fantastical object and supernatural souvenir ever collected by the U.S. government.”

If you’re a fan of Eureka or cop shows, you will like this. I’m a little geeky and the link between history, technology, crime and the supernatural that happens is really interesting. After watching the first three episodes, I’m hooked. There are currently three seasons and the fourth starts some time in 2012. I have some catching up to do!

In other amazing news, I have one of the best friends ever. I had a horrible Monday. It was bad emotionally and personally. Jenny is my best friend and my rock I can complain to. She sent me a Bummer Basket. It included a cute note, an adorable poofy heart, cute coasters (“Really?” and “Sigh”), Emergency Chocolate and two coffee mugs that say “Here’s to Happy Beginnings…”.

I LOVE it. It’s so thoughtful and completely unexpected. I have amazing friends.

Today a met a friend of mine for a nice day out in the area.

We started off with lunch at Sweetgreen, a salad place that makes amazing and delicious salads. I wanted to take a picture, but I ate half of it before I realized it. It was that good. I had the Guacamole Greens. The lime cilantro jalapeno¬†vinaigrette¬†was amazing. The¬†avocado¬†gave it a nice twist. I’m definitely going again.

After lunch (and after getting a little lost), we went to The Lyceum, Alexandria’s History Museum. For a city history museum, it was nice and well planned. Different time periods in the history of Alexandria were covered. There was a section covering pre-European times.

Early Alexandria included the opportunity to smell the tobacco grown in the area.

It moved to the War of 1812.

It also included World War I and II.

But the biggest section of the museum was dedicated to the Civil War. And since Virginia is technically the “South,” it was Confederate focused.

It was interesting to see if from the other side. If you’re from the “North,” (or anywhere not in the deep South), you tend to view the South as the trouble-makers and the North as the good-guy winners. Looking at it from a different point of view was interesting.

After the museum, we found one of the candy shops in Old Town Alexandria, The Sugar Cube. They had different candies, including old fashioned candy and truffles. The truffles were amazing! I bought one for myself (the New York Cheesecake Truffle), and a box of six for my mom. Mine was delicious and my mom agrees.

I’ve never been to the Torpedo Factory down by the marina in Alexandria, which is now an art factory. We spent a little time out by the marina.

Then we explored the shops inside.

It was a nice day out (and out of the house!) I can’t wait to explore more of Alexandria!

I did it. I caught my first fish while fly fishing. On my first day none-the-less. I’m pretty proud of myself, but I do have to give it to Mark, my guide that helped me learn how to cast and where and what is the best for catching fish.

The trip took us to West Virginia, to Harman’s North Fork Cottages. The area is amazing. It’s a private part of the river that is stocked by Harmans. (How do you stock a river, you ask? Apparently, the fish are very territorial and, as soon as they pick a spot, they’ll stay there. They don’t really swim all the way downstream to the end. I had to ask.)

The cottages were amazing. I literally wanted mine for my house. They’re log cabins with full kitchens and lofts, with fire places (basically my dream). They also come with hot tubs. Good info for the next trip.

The first day, it was gorgeous outside and I focused on getting my form down and learning the basic HOWS of fly fishing. How to through the line (not the lure, which doesn’t have enough weight). How to reel the line back in. How much line to let out. How to work with the current. How to hook a fish. How to NOT hook someone else or a tree when throwing the line (I failed on both parts). It was definitely a different way of fishing, but I felt more involved than just putting a worm on a lure and waiting.

And then it happened. Just before lunch, I caught my fish. It was a decently sized rainbow trout. I was just excited that I caught a fish at all. And I look hot in my waders.

After lunch, I didn’t catch much. It started sprinkling. Then raining. Then down-pouring with crazy winds. I tried to stay in, but I couldn’t even cast into the wind and I was freezing, so we ended that day. We all hung out and tied some flies after dinner. I was exhausted after a day out in the sun and the river.

The next day, after a yummy breakfast, I hit the water again. It was not as nice out. It had snowed overnight and dropped at least 20 degrees. I put on about 4 layers on my top and bottom. And a hat, scarf, and gloves. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any bites or nibbles. My guides taught me a little more, including some different casts. After the snow started coming down, I went in for lunch.

Fortunately, lunch and dinner were catered by Bigg Riggs Farm. He’s a veteran Marine and now owns a farm in West Virginia, produces great produce, amazing sauces, and now caters. It was DE-LIC-IOUS. Lunch had pulled pork, twice baked potatoes and cole slaw. Dinner had smoked rabbit, chicken wings, mac and cheese and more cole slaw. We were spoiled.

I didn’t end up going out after the morning. I was cold and kind of fished-out. I hung out in front of the fire place and warmed up while snacking on some yummy 7-layer dip. Other did manage to catch some fish.

Overall, I can’t wait to go back out and catch another fish. I’d like it to be warmer the next time, so I can feel my fingers. But my first¬†experience¬†was great.

Part of my New Years resolutions included reading more. And I’m glad to say that I just finished my first book of the year.

Interred With Their Bones, by Jennifer Lee Carrell was a great mystery. Per Amazon’s description (because I want a good description without giving the book away, which I’m sure I’d do if I tried to describe it myself):

“A feverishly paced action adventure” (The New York Times) about a long-lost Shakespeare work and a killer who reenacts the Bard’s most bloody murders

Jennifer Lee Carrell’s highly acclaimed debut novel is a brilliant, breathlessly paced literary adventure. The action begins on the eve of the Globe’s production of Hamlet when Shakespeare scholar and theater director Kate Stanley’s eccentric mentor Rosalind Howard gives her a mysterious box, claiming to have made a groundbreaking discovery. Before she can reveal it to Kate, the Globe is burned to the ground and Roz is found dead…murdered precisely in the manner of Hamlet’s father.

Inside the box Kate finds the first piece in a Shakespearean puzzle, setting her on a deadly, highstakes treasure hunt. From London to Harvard to the American West, Kate races to evade a killer and solve a tantalizing string of clues hidden in the words of Shakespeare, which may unlock one of history’s greatest secrets.

I personally like mysteries and this book did not disappoint. it was a nice mixture of mystery, action and historical information. Throughout the book, different tidbits of Shakespearean thoughts and theories are mixed into the action (the info is based on true facts and theories, if you were worried). The actions started off quickly and the book moved at a good pace. There was a lot of mystery all over, from who the murder could be to who Shakespeare actually was. There are different twists and turns. Personally, I liked it.

One book down, 29 to go!

Have you read anything good lately?