Blog Life: Round 2!

Welcome to the very first post of From IU to DC! I’m excited to start blogging again!

Again? Well, I had another blog going on, but after a mixture of extreme school work and confusion about what I wanted out of my blog, I stopped.

I’ve solved both of those problems. I’ve (finally!!) graduated! And with that giant and new step forward in my life, I figured it was a good time to restart the blog. I’m a SUPER-recent graduate of the amazing Indiana University and I’ve just moved out to the DC area to start my “adult” life. This blog will follow the changes and ups and downs of life out here on the East Coast.

I’ve also solved the “What the heck do I want out of my blog” problem. Will it be totally fashion? No. Will it be totally food? No. Totally fitness or totally DC-filled sights? No. But it will be a mix of all of those! No one’s life is all fashion or all food. Don’t get me wrong, I am in LOVE with the blogs that are. But I also find myself loving the blogs that touch on a little of all of it.

Here’s some proof of my graduation 🙂

The message on my cap. It only took 5 years!

After graduation. Still hard to believe it actually happened!The message on my cap. It only took 5 years!

Some of the outtakes from my photos. My mom takes pictures when you don't expect it.

Goofing around on campus

So here’s to 2012 and the start of a great blog-life!


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